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About us

Information about interior design studio «Denalli Design», a team of designers, engineers and builders.

Perfect interior - the house where you enjoy life

Today, the real estate market has a huge number of design studios. And on the one side, it is good - there is plenty to choose from. However, there is another side - a large number of amateurs and non-professionals. Yes, in Ukraine there are high-class studios, but, unfortunately, not so many. One of these is the design studio “”. We value our reputation and create interiors that are admired, jealous and live with pleasure!

Why we created a design studio “”

Construction company "Stroitel-P" is one of the leaders of the modern world of real estate in Ukraine. No one has doubts about the quality of construction, materials, design work, deadlines for objects. But this is not all that a person needs to find his own home. It requires an interior that should be correctly designed and executed taking into account a huge number of factors. We observe that not always apartment owners manage to do this on their own or even with help. And such mistakes usually lead not only to additional expenses in future, but also the main thing - to bad feelings about own housing. And this is really a serious problem, because we care about our customers. That is why, we decided to create our own design studio, which harmoniously completes the range of services of the company "Stroitel-P".

Big company families

Each of our customers, in addition to high-quality service, also receives a number of the best offers from our business partners. These are big discounts on services, equipment, materials and much more.