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The latest news and useful articles from the design studio «Denalli Design»

Scandinavian style of interior

Today we’ll talk about one of the most interesting and popular styles in the design of rooms — Scandinavian. The Scandinavian style of the interior developed under the influence of the geographical position and climatic features of the region. Cozy, lively and at the same time functional, it is perfect for apartments of any size. The main characteristic features of the Scandinavian style are natural materials, an abundance of daylight, bright colors, comfortable laconic furniture, bright decor and accessories.

28.05.2020 04:57
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Renaissance style interior

The Renaissance-style replaced the Gothic style and retained its relevance for three centuries. Religious themes gave way to a return to the principles and forms of ancient art. The main principle of this style is the integrity and harmony of the composition, all interior elements are arranged in an orderly manner, in compliance with balance and symmetry.

02.12.2019 13:29
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10 tips for interior design of a small apartment

In this article, we have outlined several basic rules for the interior design of small apartments, following which you will make your home comfortable and interesting. When making interior design in a small-sized apartment, it is necessary to remember the main thing — all the interior details in such a room should be aimed at a visual increase in space.

20.11.2019 12:00
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10 most popular interior styles

In this article, we will talk about the most popular styles of interiors. Functional and practical, they organically fit into the rapid pace of modern life.

04.11.2019 16:03
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Order interior design or do it yourself

Most often, people believe that they can design interior design in a quality and independent way. But this is far from the case. Without proper experience and education, you will inevitably encounter a number of problems. Errors in the initial stages of design can fly a pretty penny already during the repair process. Incorrect dimensions, calculations of materials, and their properties and, as a result, additional expenses for alteration and replacement of interior parts. To avoid all these problems, it is better to turn to professionals and order a design project from them.

29.10.2019 14:18
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Classification of the main interior styles

In this article, we will introduce you to the main trends and styles in interior design. So, styles are divided into three main groups. They are historical, ethnic, and modern. Let's consider them in more detail.

08.10.2019 17:21
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