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Order interior design or do it yourself

Most often, people believe that they can design interior design in a quality and independent way. But this is far from the case. Without proper experience and education, you will inevitably encounter a number of problems. Errors in the initial stages of design can fly a pretty penny already during the repair process. Incorrect dimensions, calculations of materials and their properties and, as a result, additional expenses for alteration and replacement of interior parts.

To avoid all these problems, it is better to turn to professionals and order a design project from them.

The design project is a detailed guide to the repair and arrangement of the premises, which includes diagrams, drawings, layout and 3D visualization with a detailed description and recommendations of the designer. Following them, you will get the interior of which you dreamed. Having a competent project is not a luxury or a whim, but a necessity that saves time, nerves and budget.

Advantages of a professional design project


People, as a rule, present the interior of their apartment as separate parts of a mosaic. But in practice, collecting disparate fragments into a harmonious environment is quite difficult. At the same time, the designer has extensive practical experience and theoretical base, which eliminates the problems with technical documentation, budgeting, the choice of modern building materials, furniture, and appliances.

Professionals will help you choose the style of the interior and find the best solutions for its implementation in a given area.

When creating a project, the designer takes into account the needs, habits and personal preferences of the client. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail and everything is in place.

Cost savings

Another plus of working with a design studio is saving money on building materials. Thanks to accurate calculations, you will know exactly what materials and in what quantity are needed for repairs. That saves you from having to overpay for unused building materials that often remain after repair.

Employees of large design studios are well acquainted with the assortment of construction stores, have the necessary connections in the field of construction and repair. This will speed up the delivery time, purchase all the necessary materials at reduced prices, as well as get a regular customer discount.

Work with the repair and construction team

The choice of the construction team is an important decision, which determines the aesthetic appearance, comfort, and safety of your apartment. Design studios usually have proven construction crews that they can recommend to the customer. Full-cycle studios have their own repair crews; their work with designers, most often, is already optimally debugged.

Professionally prepared technical documentation for the design project will help convey to builders your vision for the future of the interior. And if the repair work does not meet the given plans, drawings and diagrams, the contractor will have to correct the errors at his own expense.

You can also use the service of field supervision. In this case, the designer will monitor the progress of work and their relevance to the project. This will protect you from the carelessness and negligence of workers.

Modern tendencies

An experienced designer is also aware of the latest trends in interior design: modern building and finishing materials, technological innovations, furniture styles. Thanks to this, your home will be not only comfortable, but also modern.