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To order turnkey apartment renovation with a designer`s supervision from interior the design studio «Denalli Design».

Interior design

High-quality interior design - this is cosiness and comfort of your home. Experienced designers will develop for you an individual project, based on your wishes, design features, modern materials, technologies, and of course, fashion trends. Interiors in any style from baroque to hi-tech, as well as their original combinations. Trust such important work to professionals, because mistakes at this stage can cost for you a lot.



Many people know what repair crews can be. We will not give you frightening examples and tell you what they are. First of all, all employees are fairly strict selection. And, as you know, employees decide a lot. We manage teams where each person is in his place. All repairs are always planned and fit into a specific time dues. You know exactly when some stages will be completed. For all work, we provide quality assurance.


Furniture manufacturing

Yes, we make the furniture by ourselves and it should be noted, this furniture has highest quality. Custom-made interior parts, taking into account all the design requirements, are always much wider possibilities than creating an interior for existing furniture. In more detail about our carpentry workshop you can find out by clicking on this link Carpentry workshop "Galeon".


Equipment selection

Very often the process of selecting the appropriate household, climate or other equipment requires more attention. This is because of a lack of knowledges in this area. But it is so important that equipment is suitable for you, fits perfectly into the interior and has the specs that are appropriate for housing and residents. Our experts will select for you an equipment and will offer several options. Also, you can get nice discounts on many products from our partners.


Complex services

Конечно же, услуги, предоставляемые в комплексе, гораздо выгодней. Ведь так обеспечивается слаженность действий сотрудников различных областей, лучший контроль качества, соблюдение временных сроков. Стоимость комплексных услуг всегда ниже, чем сумма их стоимости отдельных услуг. Все услуги и товары, что предоставляет наша компания, Вы можете заказать в комплексе. Экономьте свои средства и время.